The COVID-19 pandemic, and the appearance of the first cases in Cyprus in March 2020, activated Melior’s team. Initially, the need to help vulnerable groups who could not leave the house to buy the necessities, was the priority, while later the new reality made it clear that Svelta should on the one hand satisfy the need of consumers to buy -in the safety of their home- the products they need, and on the other hand, to help not only small and medium size enterprises, but only all visionary business owners, that did not have a delivery service, to satisfy their customers by offering the home delivery option.

The Svelta service through Marketplace, gave the opportunity to supermarkets, pharmacies, pet shops, florists, kiosks etc to send their products to their customers, while at the same time offered to people who were or remained unemployed the opportunity to earn extra money. The personal shoppers of Svelta undertake to visit the cooperating stores and to “buy” the products chosen by the customers of Svelta and deliver them to their door. The shoppers are able to work on the days and hours they can, on full or part time basis.

SveltaCourier.com, based in Limassol Cyprus, is an innovative technology company that offers revolutionary courier services locally and abroad.

Our Team has revolutionized the traditional courier services, and we’re delighted to be able to offer a full range of local and international destinations express, same day or next day, and flexible, with collection from your door and last mile delivery without the need of moving from your place.

Our website enables you to choose digitally and easily your preferred service and send anything, from a small packet to a large parcel, to destinations throughout Cyprus and internationally, and all for a surprisingly cheap price.

Svelta is a technology initiative that cares about the environment, and aims to make people’s lives easier. Svelta is committed to enforce businesses and people who need help or income.

When you place your order, your item can be tracked and traced at any time and our customer services team is available 24h every day to resolve any issues you may have.